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W Abu Dhabi - Yas Island
Yas Island, Abu Dhabi, 131808
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Steal the scene and own the moment with backstage access into what's new/next at W Abu Dhabi - Yas Island. From B.I.G - Brunch In Garage to Vinyl Vibes at W Lounge and Sunset Beats at WET Deck, there are reasons galore to live it up and hit repeat at Abu Dhabi's newest dining and nightlife destination.

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B.I.G - Brunch In Garage

Crunch it. Sip it. Move it.

5 Culinary Hubs. 11 Beverage Taps. 1 BIG Brunch. 

Go BIG every weekend with booming beats and banging bites. A Mezze spread and Asian flavors. Meat cuts from the Vault and drinks on Tap. Go B.I.G or Go Home!

AED 250 - Dry Package
AED 365 - Spirited Package (house wine, beer and spirits)
AED 525 - Sparkling Package (Champagne)

Promo code:
Every Friday from 12.30PM to 4PM

Vinyl Vibes

Reminiscing the good old days with funky tunes and hip beats? Abandon reality and move to the beats of our spin on the old and funky - we'll make you twist like no tomorrow!

From 7PM till 7:15PM 70's prices
From 8PM till 8:15PM 80's prices
From 9PM till 9:15PM 90's prices

Promo code:

Every Wednesday 6PM onwards

Sunset Beats

Cool it down and hit repeat while you soak in the sunset views and vibes as our DJ's mix your favorite beats. Enjoy discounted prices through sunset time. 

How long does it take for the sun to set? (2 to 3 minutes) Which is why the price per cocktail is AED 23 only!

Promo code:

Tuesday to Saturday 2PM - 7PM

Brew Crew

Every occasion holds a caffeinated mood. What will be your flavor of the moment?

Your love for coffee is rewarding. Join the Brew Crew and get your 8th coffee at Roastery on us!

Promo code:
Available Daily

Miss-Behave feat. Chad Phunk

Risk Takers. Rule Breakers. Trendsetters. You've pushed the boundaries, defied expectations. Here's celebrating you! Ladies enjoy two free drinks.

Beverage Package:
AED 89 Spirited Package
AED 169 Sparkling Package

Promo code:
Every Tuesday from 7PM to 11PM

Drip feat. Kaboo & Nuff Said

Get draped up and dripped out every Friday as Kaboo and Nuff Said take you into a world of urban beats and musical treats. Ladies enjoy two free drinks. 

You've got the drip! 

Promo code:
Every Friday from 7PM onwards

Say Cheese!

Crumble. Crackers. Cream. Cheese. Traditional. No-bake. Japanese. New York. Trials. Tests. Done. 

Cheesecake Redone. 

Presenting your new favorite #RoasteryCheesecake

Promo code:
Available Daily

Tap In

1 Wall. 11 Taps. 

Tap into the weekend at Garage with free flow of beverages on taps. Curious? 

See you at Garage, where the BIG weekend starts early.

AED 111 per person for the Beverage Package

Promo code:
Every Thursday from 6PM to 9PM

Soak it up feat. DJ Slim

Soak up the sun, soak up the fun! Hit the WET Deck and enjoy frozen cocktails, floats and fun with friends. Beat the heat with a dance or a dip and get in the mood for the week ahead. 

AED 129 - Beverage package for her
AED 199 - Beverage package for him

Promo code:
Every Saturday from 12noon to 6PM
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